Inland trucking plays an important role in the domestic transportation of goods. To transport goods to a seaport or airport for international shipping to a foreign country, domestic transportation is extremely necessary. So what is inland trucking? Why is this method of transportation so popular? We invite you to read the article below!

What is Inland Trucking?

Inland trucking is the use of vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, container trucks, cars, trailers, semi-trailers, etc. to store and transport goods from one place to another.

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What are the pros and cons of inland trucking?


  • Trucks and containers are flexible in the process of transporting goods, and can go by many different traffic routes. It is not necessary to follow a fixed route so the transit time is quick. In addition, the delivery time is not specified, but agreed between the parties.
  • Easily choose the right means of transport according to the quantity and size of goods
  • Inland trucking method offers high economic efficiency for short and medium-haul shipments
  • Goods are shipped directly from the seller’s location to the consignee’s specific location. Limit the stage of loading and unloading goods, minimizing the cost of loading and unloading labor
  • Easily combined with other types of sea transport, air transport to bring goods exported to foreign countries and imported into Vietnam.


When transporting long distances, it is forced to pay additional fees such as: toll stations, fuel fees, tolls, and service costs for other infrastructure or public works…

During transit, delivery may take longer than expected. Because the road often has traffic jams, it will affect the delivery time to the recipient.

The volume of goods transported is limited because the means of transport by sea are many times smaller in size and weight than by sea. Therefore, inland trucking is only suitable for goods that are not too large and whose quantity is not too much.

Some basic information on the inland trucking contract

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 52 of Circular 63/2014/TT-BGTVT, the contract and transport document include the following basic information:

– The name of the transport unit

– The name of the unit or the carrier

– Delivery itinerary

– Contract signing time

– Shipment information: type of goods, volume, delivery time of goods.

The distance of the transportation journey is determined from the starting point to the ending point of the trip. From detailed information about goods and transportation distance, businesses can determine freight rates and announce to service hirers.

The contract must be stamped and issued to the driver to carry during the transportation of goods. In addition, after loading the goods onto the vehicle, the goods owner or the representative of the unit carrying out the loading on the vehicle must sign to confirm that the loading and unloading is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Transport Certificate before carrying out the transportation.

What kind of goods should be transported by road?

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Container goods

Container shipping saves on loading and unloading costs, and is capable of transporting larger volumes than trucks. Containers are made of sturdy and durable materials, so they are capable of transporting a variety of goods.

Containers have many types but the sizes are standardized to certain parameters, including: 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet containers; regular and high content. Therefore, when there is a need to rent a container truck to transport goods, it is necessary to determine the amount of goods to choose the appropriate type of container.

Container shipping also allows shippers to combine goods into one container to save on container rental costs. However, the shipping unit will also determine the delivery time and specific route after collecting enough odd goods. Therefore, the delivery time is expected to be slower than the full container shipment. This can affect the buyer’s delivery plan.

Cold goods

The characteristic of refrigerated goods is that they must always be kept at a low temperature to preserve the goods and avoid melting and damage. Therefore, people often transport refrigerated goods by refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks. For this item, the cost requirement is also higher than that of conventional products due to the need to invest in more freezing equipment, higher power capacity used to preserve goods.

For refrigerated containers, they will be gathered in a separate refrigerated container yard. Similar to dry containers, refrigerated containers also include: 10 feet cold containers, 20 feet cold containers, 40 feet cold containers, 45 feet cold containers.

Overweight goods

For overweight or oversized goods sually machines and solid equipment for constructions or agro-industrial fields…) often have extremely large volumes, so they are very picky. transportation and unloading facilities. Vehicles transporting super-heavy goods require a Certificate of technical safety and environmental protection.

Super-heavy cargo carriers regularly coordinate with related parties to make transportation plans to ensure the safety of road users and goods on board.


An odd shipment is a shipment that does not have enough quantity or volume to fill a container in transit. Therefore, if the shipper hires a container to transport an odd shipment, it will not take advantage of its full capacity and incur a higher cost than the full shipment. Retail goods in domestic road transport can be sent in containers or not.

Normally, containerized goods will be gathered at the container yard at the consignor’s location, then transported to another gathering point to split the shipment, and finally distribute the goods to the recipient.

As for retail goods transported by trucks, cars, different consignors will be aggregated onto the means of transport. After that, the vehicle will transport the retail goods and deliver them directly to the recipient.

Fresh goods

These are items with a short shipping period as they are easily damaged if the shipping time is longer. Moreover, bright goods when transported must be refrigerated, keeping freshness. The shipping unit needs to ensure the quality loss rate at the allowable level.


Fragile goods in transit need to be packed securely and carefully to avoid damage or breakage. On the cartons and fragile packages, it is necessary to note the symbols for the shipping unit to pay more attention during the loading and unloading process. In addition, the shipper when packing the goods need to use the stuffing tools to prevent the goods from being cracked or broken during transportation.

Due to the high requirements of loading and unloading techniques, the cost of dunnage, and the high quality assurance fee, the freight rate for fragile goods is also higher than that of ordinary items. In particular, in order to ensure that the quality of the goods remains intact until they are delivered to the recipient, the hirer needs to choose a reputable transport unit, commit to monitoring and tracking the condition of the goods, responsible for ensuring the goods are safe.

Full consignment

Contrary to retail, Full cargo has just enough volume compared to the capacity of the means of transport. Thanks to that, the collection of goods also becomes easier, creating convenience for the carrier. Therefore, the shipping cost of whole goods is usually cheaper than retail goods.

Agricultural products

Agricultural products mainly need to be stored in an environment with adequate humidity and suitable temperature. Temperatures that are too high or too low can also damage vegetables and fruits. Or inappropriate humidity will cause the goods to be moldy and wilted. In addition, during transportation must also limit strong impact. In addition, the way of packaging also contributes to keeping the quality of goods at a stable level.

In order for goods to be transported safely, the charterer needs to plan and estimate a reasonable transportation time so that the goods can arrive on time so as not to change the quality of the goods.

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Oversize Load Truck

What should be paid attention to when transporting goods by road?

In order to avoid encountering unnecessary risks in the process of transporting goods, causing costs and damage to the parties, you should note some important points as follows:

  • Choosing a reputable shipping company: The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the consideration and consideration of a reputable and responsible shipping service that will help you feel more secure about the quality of service, business people. can also save costs, ensure delivery time according to the original plan. In addition, reputable shipping companies will also have enthusiastic customer service staff who are always ready to assist customers.
  • Proper packaging of goods: In order to ensure that the goods are not damaged during transportation, the shipper also needs to have a way to pack for each type of goods to limit damage and distortion. Using packaging materials suitable to the characteristics of each type of agricultural and aquatic products will help the goods to keep their quality longer.
  • Buy insurance for the goods: To ensure the interests of the shipper and the consignee, buying insurance for the shipment will help you reduce the risk of costs if the goods are damaged or broken. . If there is an incident, the insurance unit is responsible for indemnifying the value of the shipment to the insured according to a certain percentage.
  • It is necessary to choose a vehicle with a suitable load for the amount of goods: Many inexperienced transport customers often choose a vehicle that is not suitable for the amount of goods to be transported. In case the truck is too large compared to the volume of goods, it will waste the transportation efficiency of the means of transport. Moreover, you will lose an unnecessary expense due to renting a large vehicle, or the trunk is too wide, making it difficult to queue. As for bulky goods, but when they are packed into the car, they are too tight, spilling out will violate traffic laws.
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How to choose an inland trucking service to ensure credibility and reasonable cost?

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Commitment to the safety of goods: When signing a transportation contract, the service provider has made a commitment to the customer to ensure that the goods are delivered to the recipient safely, without any loss due to theft or spill broken or damaged. The carrier is also obliged to plan the time and route of the shipment and provide the bill of lading code so that the customer can easily track the progress of the delivery.

Provide a variety of modes of transportation: Transportation services are highly appreciated by customers cause there are a variety of means of transportation. This makes it easy for customers to choose a convenient delivery method that is suitable for the size of the shipment, helping customers optimize costs significantly.

Transparency of the contract: The terms in the contract must clearly show the rights and obligations between the parties. Specifically, the shipping unit is committed to ensuring absolute safety for the goods, avoiding the loss of quantity, volume or weight of goods until they are delivered to the recipient. For correspondence, the shipping unit must be absolutely confidential, not to damage or open to see the contents inside. For transport service hirers, they are obliged to provide accurate information about goods and appropriate packing when sending goods to the transport unit.

Always ready to help customers: To judge whether a transportation rental company is professional or not, you can also look at how dedicated they take care of their customers. Are their staff enthusiastic about customer support? Do they have the flexibility to handle all situations that arise for customers? In addition, a professional shipping unit will also organize the shipping process logically, optimizing shipping time.

Reviews from previous partners: When you have a need to hire transportation services, you should consult about reputable transportation units nearby in the area. After referring to 3-5 shipping services, you can see service reviews from their previous customers. At that time, you can easily consider and choose the reputable and most suitable unit for you.

Inland trucking service at Expander Logistics

Diverse services: We provide services with many forms of vehicles, making it easy for customers to choose the right vehicle for their needs. Moreover, we also provide other types of freight transport such as: sea, rail, air, customs clearance for international transport goods. We will plan to transport your order safely and quickly from the point of pick up to the point of delivery. Therefore, you can completely trust the choice of using the package service at Expander Logistics to optimize costs.

Meeting all needs of customers: The company accepts and transports all kinds of goods (except those on the list of prohibited items by the State of Vietnam) from small and simple quantities to large orders, oversized – overweight goods, and perishable goods difficult to transport. At the same time, we also provide a reasonable and competitive price policy to create convenience for customers and bring the highest efficiency for orders.

Support online shipping route tracking: In addition to the service of transporting goods by road throughout the North – Central – South provinces, customers can also track the delivery progress at any time through the website, application, utility software…Accordingly, it also provides information about the driver, vehicle type, which vehicle sign is transporting its goods, time and distance of the road to the intended recipient in order to promptly prepare the work. receive the necessary goods.

inland trucking
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