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Customs services help the shipments of service users to complete Customs procedures quickly and cost-effectively. Currently, the legal policies for customs clearance of import and export goods are constantly updated, subject to the adjustment of many relevant ministries. This causes difficulties for businesses. Therefore, the Customs service at Expander Logistics is the optimal solution to help import and export businesses reduce the pressure on the customs clearance process.

custom clearance
Customs declaration is an activity that the customs declarant must perform when importing and exporting goods.

What is Customs Declaration?

Customs declaration is an activity that the customs declarant must perform when importing and exporting goods according to the provisions of the Law. Customs declaration includes:

  • Declare information about import-export shipments and submit customs declarations, present documents related to the shipment of goods
  • Carry the goods to the specified place for physical inspection (if any)
  • Carry out inspection procedures, apply for certificates of conformity of goods according to regulations of relevant ministries
  • Pay taxes, fees, charges and other financial obligations

Purpose of customs declaration

For Customs Department

Manage and supervise enterprises declaring goods in accordance with the provisions of law

So that the Customs can determine the tax rate for each shipment of goods to avoid loss of tax collection.

Coordinating with Ministries to supervise the quality of goods

Organize the collection and statistics of import and export data of goods in service of economic analysis and reports of enterprises and the State.

For Businesses

It is the basis for enterprises to fulfill their obligations to the State

Issuance of a certificate of goods (if any)

Used to account for tax reports

Procedure for customs declaration of imported goods

Step 1: Prepare

Sign up a VNACCS Customs declaration account and prepare a digital signature (token)

Install customs declaration software VNACCS

Identification of goods: HS Code, the name of the declared goods must be in accordance with the requirements of the Customs

Identification of license, import major (if any)

Prepare a set of documents, including: Sale Contract, Bill of Lading, Packing List , Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice.

Step 2: Declare shipment information on the software

Step 3: Declare and transmit the declaration. The Customs system will return 1 of 3 results:

+ Green: The declaration is automatically through clearance as soon as the business pays taxes

+ Yellow: The Customs will consider the details of the documents, the correct information will make customs clearance simply. If there is any doubt or error, the Customs office will respond to the enterprise for coordination in handling.

+ Red: Customs checks the paperwork in combination with the actual inspection of the goods, if the goods are as declared, they will be cleared.


Enterprises must declare information complete and synchronous about the parameters. The difference in information between the documents and the Customs declaration will cause businesses to take a long time to adjust and supplement, affecting the process of receiving goods.

Risks that may arise in the process of customs declaration

custom clearance
In the process of carrying out customs procedures, there may be risks if the enterprise does not have enough experience.

For import-export businesses that do not have much experience in carrying out the customs declaration process, they will be susceptible to the following risks:

  • Mistakes on documents: Due to the important and accurate property of the documents, the person preparing the docs is required to be careful to avoid mistakes. Error information causes a lot of time-consuming and have to redo the documents and be administratively fined. This affects the delivery schedule and costs a lot. Or for specific types of goods, the goods owner must also prepare a number of necessary documents with the certification stamp of the agency.
  • Wrong document process: This is a mistake that many import-export businesses often make. The wrong implementation of the process makes it difficult for the customs declaration, and it takes a lot of time to re-implement the set of documents.
  • Wrong HS Code: For HS code, goods owners need to declare exactly the 8-character code according to the property of the goods. In case the wrong HS code is not detected in time before sending it to Customs, it may be subject to an administrative sanction.
  • Slow delivery time: All of the above risks affect the delivery time. Therefore, shippers will be compensated if the goods are short-term fresh fruits.

In order to limit the risks that may arise, you can choose the solution of using customs service of a logistic company to make the delivery process go smoothly. Customs services have a lot of experience in assisting customers in preparing documents and documents “correctly and sufficiently”, avoiding risks and saving time.

Why should you use Customs declaration service?

  • Avoid errors during the procedure
  • New entrants to the market are sometimes prone to making mistakes in the declaration process. Therefore, the appropriate solution to this problem is that you need to find a reputable and experienced logistics service. Customs services coordinate with customers to help create a set of exact documents from the first step, limiting errors.
  • Update freight status regularly
  • The bill of lading lookup system allows shippers to easily access and track the shipment’s progress.
  • Shorten customs clearance time and complete the procedure in just 24 hours
  • The Customs declaration service provider has a lot of experience in handling relevant documents. This brings work efficiency, helps customers speed up the customs clearance process, and ensures that the production and supply chain is not broken.
  • Using the package Customs service, customers can be assured of cost issues.

Why choose Expander Logistics?

Professional expertise: With more than 10 years of experience in the field of Logistic, Expander Logistics always performs well in the profession. Give advises customers in the right direction on HS Code, determines the correct import regulations, and prepares projects. tax rates…

Optimizing the process of carrying out procedures: Expander is highly appreciated by the Customs for its professionalism in the implementation of Customs declaration. Therefore, the procedures also become more convenient.

Responsible and professional staff: Expander’s staff always listen to and accept criticism from customers to offer flexible solutions. Contributing to the adaptation to the client’s business activities. In the event of an unexpected situation, the staff always accompanies the customer to solve the problem. Regardless of the time, when customers need support, Expander will immediately respond to customers’ demand 24/7.

Low cost: Expander operates professionally in the industry, bringing high work efficiency, reasonable resource allocation, so it brings a good experience to customers at an affordable price. Expander’s staff helps customers to declare Customs accurately, without incurring any additional costs.

Confidentiality of customer information: All information that customers provide to us is absolutely confidential. Expander Logistics does not provide information to other units to gain benefits, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

customs declaration
5 reasons why you should choose Expander Logistics.

Achievements that Expander Logistics has achieved

For more than 10 years, Expander Logistics has provided consulting services to hundreds of customers. Besides, we also received positive feedback from customers about the professionalism, responsibility as well as the values that we bring to customers.

Expander Logistics becomes an important part in the business operation system of enterprises. We coordinate with customers to complete the procedures, import goods to the warehouse faster.

customs declaration

Customs procedures process at Expander

customs declaration
The process of Customs Declaration at Expander Logistics.

Customs services provided by Expander

  • Services of customs clearance of goods for import and export: Import for business or  consumption; temporary import and re-export; machining
  • Package Customs declaration service without incurring costs
  • Services on specialized inspection customs procedures, certificates: Apply for import and export licenses; Inspection product; Certificate of Origin (C/O)

Through this article, we have provided our customers with all detailed information about the all-inclusive Customs service at Expander Logistics. Hope the article will help you in the process of learning about customs declaration, import and export procedures, import licenses… If you have any questions, please contact the hotline or website address below:

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