entrusted import and export

Entrusted Import and Export

Entrusted import and export helps businesses save time and increase profits. Therefore, outsourcing import and export consignment services is becoming more and more popular. So what is entrusted import and export? When to use this service? Expander Logistics would like to invite you to read through the details of the article below to answer these questions!

What is the Entrusted import and export?

Import-export entrustment is the hiring of a third party (forwarder) to carry out the process of importing and exporting goods, based on an entrustment contract in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

entrusted import export
Entrusted import-export helps customers save time and optimize costs

Why should hire entrusted import and export services?

Individuals who want to import goods, machinery and equipment to use but without legal entity. These individuals cannot enter into contracts with foreign partners on their own. In this case, the individual needs to outsource the import entrustment unit with a legal entity to represent and sign the contract.

Business households have no experience in importing and exporting goods

Business households want to import and export goods but are not knowledgeable about import and export. Or do not have the ability to communicate with foreign partners, so you need an import-export consignment service.

Newly established small businesses want to save time and costs

Newly established small enterprises, not having much experience in import and export business, limited in resources. Or have no experience working with Customs. At that time, enterprises need to outsource entrustment services to minimize the risk of mistakes in documents and customs declaration process.

The company has not met the conditions to apply for an import-export license

The shipment has a large value, a commodity that is rarely traded internationally on the market, so there are many potential risks. Therefore, these companies want to hire a forwarder to verify the credibility of their foreign partners, and need advice on how to work with partners as well as import and export policies.

Responsibilities of the parties 

For the trustee

  • Ensure the shipment is transported to the warehouse on time as committed with the import trustor
  • Fully carry out the necessary procedures related to imported goods in accordance with the provisions of the Law
  • Providing optimal solutions for trustor
  • Do not set the price too high compared to the actual commission rate
  • Store records and documents carefully to meet the needs of customers when needed

For the trustor

  • Provide information about shipment for carrier
  • Coordinate with the consignee to negotiate the contract with the seller
  • Transfer money to the consignee to make payment to the seller
  • Receive goods from forwarder
  • Payment of entrustment service charges
entrusted import export

Why should you use the import and export entrustment service?

Cost savings: For new businesses that want to import materials for production but do not understand the process well. Instead of your business having to invest in an expensive import department, you can use the entrustment service to save maximum costs. Moreover, the trustee units also have a team of experienced and professionally trained personnel… Therefore, the cost will also be lower than that of self-made enterprises.

Time optimization: Each type of goods will have different requirements for documents, customs clearance process. That requires importers and exporters to constantly update information about regulations of the Law on related goods. However, for experienced forwarders, it should help you shorten the delivery time.

Risk limitation: The form of import and export entrustment brings many benefits to customers because there is no need to export and import goods in their name. This responsibility will be assumed by the entrusting unit. Therefore, customers will not face tax or customs clearance problems

Notes when entrusting

Choose a reputable entrustment service provider

Choosing a service to entrust is important because this affects service quality, delivery time, professionalism and customer care…

You can refer to how to evaluate and classify trust services according to some of the following criteria:

  • Entrusted company is recommended and introduced by many partners
  • Dedicated customer service, enthusiastic to answer customer questions
  • The company has many years of experience in the industry
  • Professional staff, ready to help customers
  • Website, Fanpage updated with many useful information
  • Receive good reviews, positive feedback on forums, fanpage, website…

About the entrustment contract

The contract refers to the terms related to the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties, so you need to carefully check the content on the contract. If you have any questions about the contract, you should immediately discuss with the trustor to avoid possible disputes. Moreover, entrustment costs, payment methods should be clearly stated in the contract.

The reasons you should choose Expander Logistics

Experience: With more than 10 years of experience, we constantly improve service quality, coordinate with customers to offer the most optimal solutions in import and export activities, advise on the right route. , import regulations, export-import cost estimates…

Minimizing costs, increasing profits for customers: The high work efficiency is an advantage for Expander to accelerate the implementation of import and export procedures. Thereby helping customers reduce storage costs, warehousing …

Enthusiastic and attentive staff: Expander provides practical solutions accumulated from our many years of working experience. Help customers effectively manage import and export goods, manage inventory, sourcing input materials…

Improve the efficiency of the transportation process: Expander uses options to shorten transportation and storage time, quickly bring goods to the importer’s warehouse.

What does Import and Export Entrustment at Expander provide?

Negotiate and sign a contract with the seller: Negotiate the terms of the contract to protect the interests and express the obligations of the parties.

Complete the necessary procedures for the process of importing and exporting goods: If you do not understand clearly what documents are included in the process of exporting or importing goods. Import-export consignment service is the solution to help you complete the shipment quickly and avoid risks.

Payment obligations for foreign sellers: Expander Logistics advises customers on international payment methods suitable to the value and type of goods of each shipment. Avoid additional costs, errors in payment transactions…

Fully declare and pay tax for the shipment: import tax, value added tax, special consumption tax (if any)…

Store records and documents: After completing a commercial transaction, records and related documents are carefully classified and stored by Expander Logistics.

Entrusted Import and Export service at Expander Logistics is chosen by many customers. The guideline is to bring real values, ensure compliance with the provisions of the Law. We are constantly striving to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

entrusted import and export
Entrusted import-export helps customers save time and optimize costs

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