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Core Values

Benefit: Our benefits are always associated with customer’s benefits.
Professionalism: Ensure good professionalism when handling logistics activities.
Flexibility: Be willing to change to suit the production and business activities of customers.
Responsibility: Combination with customers to handle the problems that arise incidentally.


Expander Logistics is a prestige service company, specializing in providing optimal logistics solutions to help customers increase business efficiency. Expander Logistics has over 10 years of experience in the field of Logistics, we have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the industry. Throughout the years, we have become a reliable partner of shipping lines, air lines, domestic shipping units such as: Evergreen, Cosco shipping, Maersk line, FedEx Express, Yang Ming, Zhong Gu, Korean Air,..

Besides, Expander Logistics also receives positive feedback from customers about professionalism and responsibility. We always enthusiastically support the customers whenever you want and capture value to customers.

Our Vision

One of the top companies in the South that provides flexible logistics solutions and contributes to optimizing client’s production process and freight transport.

Our Mission

Becoming an essential part of the value chain of the customer, helping minimize costs and time.

Why Should A Client Choose Our Company?

Safety and following fast delivery: The safety of our customers’ goods is one of our top priorities. The customs declaration and delivery all comply with the import and export delivery process. Customers can be assured of the safety of their goods when using our services.

Professional service: We provide truly professional international shipping services and competitive prices worlwide, the fastest, safest and most economical international shipping.

Experience staff: With a staff of experienced, enthusiastic in work. We always understand the issues customers need to care about, ready to consult 24/7 in the process of import-export forwarding services and international shipping.

Fast delivery worldwide: Strengths in transporting imported goods by air from countries around the world to Vietnam: USD, Canada, UK, Czech Republic, Germary, France, Spain, Korea, China, Taiwan,…